Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Aids


Will a hearing aid restore my hearing to normal?

Hearing aids are designed to make things easier to hear; however they do not
restore normal hearing function of the ear. 
In general, hearing aids should make a marked improvement in
communication abilities, and as a result a better quality of life.

Is it true that most people with hearing loss cannot
be helped by hearing aids?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In the past, many people were incorrectly
advised that hearing aids could not help those with sensorineural or nerve type
hearing loss and also if they had high frequency hearing loss. With advances in
technology today, over 90% of those with hearing loss can get some benefit from
hearing aids.


With all the choices and different prices available,
how do I select the best hearing aid?

Our audiologists will help
you to select the hearing aids that are most appropriate for you. This will depend on your type and degree of
hearing loss, along with lifestyle and communication needs. The various types of hearing loss are
described in this link.


Hearing aid price is based
on features present in the hearing aid. The more features a hearing aid has, the more quickly and
efficiently it will react and process sounds in different listening situations. There will also be more selective separation
speech and noise. Of course, more
features also result in a higher priced hearing aid. One very important feature is hearing aids is directional microphones, which allow
for best performance in background noise. 
The various styles of hearing aids are shown in this link.


I have hearing loss in both ears. Is it necessary to
wear two hearing aids?

YES! In general, two hearing aids provide a more balanced and natural way of
hearing. This affords the best way to understand words and function in
background noise.

Here are many reason why two hearing aids are better
than one.


How much time is needed to adjust to hearing aids?

Getting adjusted to the hearing aid varies with each patient. On average it usually takes 3-4 weeks to get
fully adjusted, as long as the person is wearing it every day. It takes time to get adjusted to the
different sounds that they have not heard before, or have not heard in a long
time. Re-learning takes place in the central auditory nervous system, and the
brain needs time to acclimatize to the new sounds. This is why we offer a trial
period that allows you to adjust to the hearing aid and evaluate your benefit
from the aids.

What is the
average life span of a hearing aid.

The life of a hearing aid is approximately 5-6 years. Most will need some tune
ups, general cleanings and repairs during this period are not unusual. Our audiologists will be there to support you
throughout the life of your hearing aids.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

This depends on the number of hours per day the hearing aid is worn as well as
the type of battery. The larger the battery, the longer it will last. On
average, size 10 batteries last 4-5 days, size 312 batteries last 7-10 days,
size 13 batteries last 10-14 days, and size 675 batteries last roughly 14 days.

Why do some hearing aids whistle?

The “whistle” from hearing aids is called feedback. This happens due to the amplified sounds of
the aid leaking out and being re-amplified back into the microphone of the
hearing aid. It is normal for feedback to occur when the hearing aid is being
inserted or removed or when your hand is cupped over the aid. It is NOT normal
if you experience feedback when you are simply sitting, chewing, yawning, or changing
positions. If this does happen, you would need to consult with your
audiologist. Feedback
may also be caused by cerumen or feedback and change in weight.


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